ACADIA 2007 in Halifax, Nova Scotia October 4-7, 2007


The Association for Computer-Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA)
together with the Canada Design Research Network (CDRN) will hold the
ACADIA 2007 conference in historic Halifax, Nova Scotia. Hosts are the
Dalhousie University School of Architecture and NSCAD University.

The conference will focus on expanding physical boundaries and expanding
bodies of knowledge in digital sensing, interactive, and responsive
systems. This discussion will relate especially to architects,
engineers, artists, planners and researchers working in the fields of
art, architecture, landscape and urban design.

Researchers are invited to consider these key questions:


·         How are perceptions affected by remote sensing?

·         How will cities develop in relation to responsive, intelligent

·         What happens when interactive systems are introduced into the

Papers and presentations are invited for the following research themes
(which could also be related to the workshops listed below):


·         Interactive and Sensing Technologies in the Arts

·         Urban Modeling and Visualization

·         Environmental Sustainability and Responsive Systems


Digital Methods of Fabrication and Construction; Pervasive and
Ubiquitous Computing; Computer Supported Collaborative Design;
Generative and Parametric Design; Information Visualization; Digital
Technologies in Research, Education, Practice; Virtual Architecture; and
other themes -current research.

Graduate students are encouraged to submit research papers. Student
research will be adjudicated separately, and a graduate research forum
will be included at the conference.

Interactive workshops will take place in the week before the main
conference. Using both traditional and advanced craft and fabrication
facilities at NSCAD and Dalhousie Universities, they will include:


·         Interactive and Sensing Technologies

·         Masonry, Ceramics and Electronics

·         Urban Modeling and Participatory

·         Sustainable Data Seminar

·         Parametric Modeling & Digital Wood Fabrication


This call for papers has a deadline for abstracts on March 12, 2007,
Followed by submission of full papers on April 9, 2007.

For further information, visit www.acadia2007.org The website and
conference software will be operable from March 1, 2007

or contact: [email protected]

Brian Lilley Chair, Expanding Bodies / Acadia 2007 Conference

Best regards,

Wassim Jabi, Ph.D.
President, ACADIA

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