Jainism in Karnataka: Art, History, Literature and Religion

24th and 25th February 2007
National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore

Saturday, 24th February

10:00-10:45 registration and coffee
10:45-11:00 welcome address (Dr. Julia A. B. Hegewald)
11:00-11:30 keynote address (Prof. Dr. S. Settar)

Literature panel:
11:30-12:00 Prof. Dr. Nagarajaiah Hampa (Bangalore)
Jaina Literature in Karnataka: Early Phase (Up to the 9th century)

12:00-12:30 Prof. Dr. B.V. Sirur (Dharwad)
Jaina Charite Literature with particular reference to the Gommatesvara
Charite and the Padmavatipurana

12:30-13:00 Prof. Dr. R.V.S. Sundaram (Mysore)
Elements of Jaina History in Kannada Literature

13:00-13:30 Prof. Dr. N.S. Taranath (Mysore) & Prof. Dr.
Edward Noronha (Mysore)
A Survey of Kannada Sources for a History of Jainism in Karnataka

13:30-14:30 lunch

Religion panel:
14:30-15:00 Dr. Sucheta S. Desai (Dharwad)
Ristas in Jainism

15:00-15:30 Vatsala Iyengar (Bangalore)
Jain Goddesses and their Worship in Karnataka

15:30-16:00 Sabine Scholz (Heidelberg)
The Revival of the Digambara Muni Tradition in Karnataka During the 20th

16:00-16:30 tea

History panel
16:30-17:00 Prof. Dr. N. Subbarayalu (Pondicherry)
Early Jainism in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

17:00-17:30 Dr. P. N. Narasimha Murthy (Udipi)
History of Jainism in Karnataka: Developments in the10th to 13th Centuries

17:30-18:00 Dr. S. Dibbada (Dharwad)
The Destruction and Rebuilding of Jaina Basadis from a Historical Viewpoint

18:00-18:30 Dr. Pius F. Pinto (Heidelberg)
History of Jainism During the Vijayanagara Period (1336-1565)

20:00 cultural evening and dinner

Sunday, 25th February

Art panel:
9:30-10:00 Dr. Parul P. Dhar (New Delhi)
Jaina Art & Architecture of Karnataka: A Historiographical Perspective

10:00-10:30 Dr. Sharada Srinivasan (Bangalore)
Jaina Bronzes from Karnataka

10:30-11:00 Dr. Julia A.B. Hegewald (Heidelberg)
Sacred Symbols, Enlightened Beings and Temple
Guardians: The Display of Holy Elements on Pillars in Jaina Temple
Complexes in Karnataka

11:00-11:30 coffee

Architecture panel:
11:30-12:00 Prof. Dr. M.S. Krishna Murthy (Mysore)
Development of Jaina Temple Architecture in Southern Karnataka: From the
Beginning to 1300 AD

12:00-12:30 Dr. K.M. Suresh (Hampi)
Jaina Monuments in and Around Hampi Area

12:30-13:00 Prof. Miki Desai (Ahmedabad)
Essential Differences in Plan Organisation and Formal Aspects of
Southern Indian Jain Temples and
those of Gujarat: Case Studies of Mudabidri and Palitana Temple Complex

13:00-13:30 Pratyush Shankar (Ahmedabad)
Framework for Understanding Mudabidri Temples as Public Places

13:30-14:30 lunch

14:30-15:30 film on Shravanabelgola (Prof. Dr. S. Settar)

15:30-16:30 discussion and concluding session (Dr. Julia A.B. Hegewald)

16:30 tea and departure of delegates

Conference venue:
National Institute of Advanced Studies
Indian Institute of Science Campus
Bangalore 560 012 (Malleswaram, near Tata Institute)

All are welcome. Please inform us by email of your intention to attend
the seminar.

Dr. Julia A.B. Hegewald
South Asia Institute (SAI) University of Heidelberg, Germany
[email protected]

Prof. Dr. S. Settar
National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore, India
[email protected]