| what exactly is this 12 x 12?

The forum was 'Kolkata Konversations', a workshop organised by Riverbank
Holdings, a joint venture between Sumit Dabriwala-led Kolkata
Metropolitan Group and Bata.

Structured on the lines of 12-on-12 initiative in Ahmedabad, it is a
platform for architects to showcase projects and exchange ideas.

In the post-presentation brainstorming, Dilawari made some interesting
suggestions, prompting the KMC commissioner to invite him to Lindsay
Street for an on-the-spot assessment the next day and become the
consulting architect for New Market facelift.

He is the second major architect to be roped in for the city's
regeneration. A couple of years ago, Charles Correa agreed to coordinate
the regeneration activity along the river bank following a request from
chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee.

"The entire area has been in a mess for over five years. Now that the
underground plaza inauguration has been finalised on Bengali New Year
day, we think it is appropriate to return the square to citizens the
same day. But it has to be done properly. Since a restoration expert was
in the city, we sought his advice," the commissioner explained.