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Brits 'n' mortar

The Stirling Prize exists to encourage new British architecture, and
there are some stunning buildings on the shortlist. But why do some of
our most innovative talents have to go abroad to make a name for themselves?

Deyan Sudjic
Sunday October 9, 2005
The Observer

On the face of it, the quality of the shortlist for the Stirling Prize,
which marks its 10th year on Saturday with a televised ceremony in
Edinburgh, suggests that contemporary architecture in Britain is in rude
good health.
The most serious charge against the prize is that it has tended to
reward the inoffensive, rather than to promote a strong idea of what
British architecture should be. This year's shortlist tells us less
about the nature of architecture than it does about the peculiarities of
the way that we approach the subject. It demonstrates, for example, that
Germany is more likely to hire Zaha Hadid than Britain, that the
provision of civic buildings here has been privatised for no obvious
reason, and that if you want to find lyrical but rational architecture
you will have to look at Ireland.

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