| we like the totally transparent picture of a totally
| see-through building whose main architectural feature
| it seems is St Pauls, by a guy called Wren.
| RIBA goes it again. we are not sure why these awards
| were instituted. don't marketing consultants these days
| tell you if you should institute awards? (ask holocim)

 From an entire new mosque to a new access ramp at a local church,
nothing has escaped the eyes of the judges of a £35,000 award for
religious architecture.

Sir Christopher Frayling, rector of the Royal College of Art, will
announce the winner of Art and Christianity Enquiry and the Royal
Institute of British Architects’ award, at the Design Council, on
November 9 2005.

Shortlisted for the award are, the Salvation Army HQ, London, a new
visitor centre and cafe at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the
King, Liverpool, the Masjid Umar mosque, Leicester and two new entrances
to local churches in Lincoln and London.


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