‘But Zaha is in there – is that because she’s British?’
2007 Issue 09

By Vikki Miller

Making the news The founding partners of Herzog & de Meuron may not have
made Building’s Hall of Fame but with a RIBA gold medal and two major
projects their luck is changing in the UK

Jacques Herzog is cross.

“Why are we not in your Building Hall of Fame?” the superstar architect
demands, flicking through the magazine in front of him, frown spreading.

Glasses off, the founding partner of Swiss firm Herzog & de Meuron is
holding the magazine a few centimetres from his face, poring over the
pictures of those who have made it.

“But Zaha is in there. Is she British? Is that why she is in?” he barks,
his fluent English heavily accented with French.

When told that yes, actually, she is, Herzog harrumphs and moves on to
another victim. “Sir Stuart Lipton. Why is he there but we are not?”

Should Herzog & de Meuron be on the list, then? Herzog sighs and says
resignedly: “No, if it’s a British list we can’t be there.”