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"We are thinking long term while laying the plans for the new structure
and has decided to go environmentally sustainable and friendly
materials," Kumar said.

The new building would be constructed of fire clay waste discarded from
thermal power plants instead of bricks and painting will be done with
colour without trace of the harmful volatile organic compound.

The site at Koregaon Park presently houses the IRICEN hostel housing
around hundred staff members and a sports complex has been completed
there only a few weeks back. The complex has amenities from around
twenty different sports besides special sauna and steam bath houses.


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Meanwhile, on the occasion of 49th anniversary, a national seminar on
‘Fast pace construction of track and bridges in order to meet with
requirements of Indian Railways in the context of XI plan’ has been
organised on March 20. General manager (Central Railways) V K Kaul and
General manager (Northern Central Railways) Gupta Prakash will attend
the seminar along with civil engineers who have completed 25 years in
the railways.