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EUROPAN's objective is to assist the young architects of Europe in
developing their ideas and disseminating them on strategic sites
proposed by municipalities or developers. The general topic of EUROPAN,
European urbanity, answers to a demand of European citizens. « Urbanity
» is a common way of living the city but also a will to reflect upon the
heterogeneity of its forms related to the diversity of uses, and to
create public spaces to favour encounters among people in places they
share. This Web site gives information and the means of answering in the
19 simultaneous national competitions of the session on 74 different sites.


in media:

TERENCE RILEY did not set out to mount a sprawling exhibition on
architecture in Spain. In his mind, the country would figure briefly in
a show he was organizing at the Museum of Modern Art about stadiums,
auditoriums and theaters around the world. Tentatively titled "Being
There," that show was to take note of the remarkable array of new places
of public assembly and spectacle around the globe, upending predictions
that such buildings would become obsolete in a post-millennial
technological age.
Spain now holds architectural competitions for all new public buildings.
And an organization called Europan 8, which fosters architectural
competitions for people under 40, has given young architects a boost; a
bright orange housing project in Seville by Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique
Sobejano, which will be included in the show, was a Europan 8 winner.
Also in Seville is Jürgen Mayer H.'s Metropol Parasol, which features
mushroomlike structures in a grid formation framing a plaza; it is
expected to be completed in 2007.