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   - *Ranjit Hoskote* writes about *Aparanta*, a major art event curated
   by him in Panjum, Goa
   - *Vivek Menezes* examines why the story of Goan art is intertwined
   with a strong streak of sheer cussedness.
   - *Sanjit Rodrigues* traces how an artist camp formed the core of *
   Aparanta*, a major exhibition in Goa's art history.
   - *Tanya Abraham* weighs up how *Aparanta* has been a true and fresh
   experience of difference.

·         *Experimenta 2007* held in Bangalore and Mumbai gave a new lease
of life to experimental films, says *Dhanya Pilo*

·         Infocus: *Ravikumar Kashi*

·         Special Interview: *Shahid Datawala*

·         And Check the *online catalogue *of *Real 2007*, MOA's annual show
coming up on May 17, 2007 in New  Delhi


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