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The first all-granite Hindu temple to ever be built outside of India is
slowly taking shape on the tiny Hawaiian island of Kauai.

It is a massive project – involving a village of craftsmen in Bangalore,
a score of Hindu monks on Kauai and nearly 9,000 individual donors from
65 countries.

Two decades in the making, once completed, the Iravian temple will be
the centrepiece of the 51-acre San Marga Sanctuary.

The sanctuary is already home to another temple to Shiva, a monastery
and acres of landscaped tropical gardens visited by approximately 10,000
visitors each year.

The monastery complex is located on the banks of the Wailua River, in
the shadow of the 5,200-ft Mount Waialeale, the highest point on the
island. The location is sacred to native Hawaiians and said to be the
site of one of seven ancient temples that descended from Waialeale to
the Pacific Ocean.

Kauai is one of the most remote places in America. At just 553 square
miles, it is sparsely inhabited by only 50,000 people. Nicknamed ‘the
Garden Isle’ for its lush vegetation, it is popular with Hollywood and
over 100 movies, including Jurassic Park, have been filmed on its
beaches and forests.