Call For Papers

International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC)
published by MULTISCIENCE

    Special Focus Issue on


edited by
Andre Brown (The University of Liverpool)

guest-edited by
Thomas Fischer (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University),
Tomohiro Fukuda (Osaka University)
Zhou Qi (Southeast University, Nanjing)

*** Submissions deadline: 15th June 2007 ***

With this open and competitive call we are inviting article
submissions discussing the use of computational geometry in
the earlier, conceptual stages of the design process. While
advanced and innovative geometry have recently had an
increasing impact in the facilitation of challenging, non-
standard architecture with a focus on manufacturing and
construction, this issue of IJAC will be concerned with the
use of computational geometry in earlier design stages that
are less concerned with production and more concerned with
the design process, design exploration and design thinking.
Subjects of interests include, but are not limited to:

- Computational geometry for conceptual representation
- Early design stages and geometry
- Computational geometry and sketching
- Computational geometry and diagrams
- Tool customization, tool making, scripting
- Methods and challenges of approaching associative geometry/
   parametric design
- Translation of design concepts into geometric representations
- Computational geometry and divergent thinking
- Computational geometry and conceptual models (both physical
   and digital)
- Computational geometry and communication in design teams
- Computational geometry in early design stages of design
   in design education

Articles submissions will undergo a full review process.
Full-length articles are expected to have a length of
3000-5000 words, with a maximum length of 6000 words.

Authors should follow the IJAC template and formatting
instructions at the IJAC Web site (NOT the Multiscience guidelines):

Please submit your article(s) by the 15th of June 2007 to
Thomas Fischer: [email protected]