India in Black and White

Geetanjali Krishna / New Delhi May 13, 2007

Gautam Bhatia's 'tabloid' book is a harangue of articles, advertisements
and misinformation.

It’s called Whitewash, but architect-author Gautam Bhatia’s latest book
is one of the blackest satires on Indian life that I’ve read recently.

It’s a far cry from the books he’s written in the past, largely based
upon his experiences as an architect. Instead, Whitewash is in an
innovative tabloid format, and Bhatia uses pen and column space to vent
his spleen on anything and everything that bugs him about living in India.

Last week, when we met to talk about his book, he said, “The only kind
of writing I can do is if it stems from intense love, or extreme

After reading the book, I feel it must be love, not hate, that actually
gave birth to this book. It wouldn’t have been so funny otherwise.