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National Park Service, USA

Type: Open, two-stage
Registration Deadline: December 27, 2004
Submission Deadline: January 11, 2005
Open to: All
Entry Fee: US$25
Awards: Design Commission
Jury: To be announced


As it happens, although the Flight 93 National Memorial is still in the
fundraising stage and won't break ground for some time, there is already
a memorial next to the Flight 93 crash site. Shanksville, population
245, was transformed on September 11. The tiny town in rural Somerset
County became famous when the 40 passengers and crew on Flight 93 fought
back against the 4 terrorist hijackers. The plane crashed into an empty
field situated between a handful of modest residences and an old
strip-mining operation. Within hours, Shanksville was overrun by police,
emergency responders, the FBI, the National Transportation Safety Board,
and other officials and members of the media. The townspeople and nearby
residents immediately went into motion providing for these hundreds of
workers, bringing them food and welcoming them into their homes for the
duration of the investigation and clean-up, which took several weeks.