Now, a courtyard in your highrise flat
27 Jun, 2007 l 0000 hrs ISTlRaheel Dhattiwala/TIMES NEWS NETWORK

AHMEDABAD: Sitting in your eighth floor apartment, ever let your mind
wander in time — to an idyllic setting where you sat leisurely on a
courtyard, feeling the breeze on your face, the greenery around soothing
your eyes? It would soon cease to be a dream. And, you could have your
own courtyard, right on your highrise apartment, in every floor. An
upcoming highrise building in Prahladnagar area of western Ahmedabad
plans out a courtyard, complete with trees and benches right between
your living room and dining hall.


"High-rises are an inevitable part of modern day infrastructure and
people residing in highrises have little time to go for a walk in the
garden in the apartment block. This is for the first time in Ahmedabad
that we are experimenting with courtyards in a highrise that can double
up as a garden," says Apurva Amin, the building’s architect.

"We will be planting one ficus tree in the courtyard. It's a species
that has a horizontal spread of roots and need less soil," says Amin.
Now, a courtyard right in your highrise flat The courtyard will either
have a paved flooring with just enough soil for the ficus or have the
entire 132 sq ft courtyard have a 500 mm soil layer for grass.