Architexturez. wrote:

| is there a user's manual for this
| type of thing? we see Adjaye has
| gone from 'young enthusiastic talented'
| to 'architect for/and the people' stage


Isabel Allen, editor of Architects Journal, said: “Government buildings
like City Hall are different from libraries. The public aren’t actually
supposed to be invited in.”

If Adjaye gets his way, his next public building is likely to be for a
religious or inspirational setting, rather than a political one.

“As soon as you start talking about things politically, people get
really worried. But if you look at most contemporary art, it makes a
comment about social conditions right now. It’s about time architecture
did the same thing,” he said.

In contrast, the architect admitted he was ”dying” to design a church,
but added that the buildings have been complicit in institutionalising
and alienating people.

Adjaye said:” The message was, ‘look and believe’. Now that message has
changed, and the architecture of a modern church should reflect that.”