| ah! but he does talk like a starchitect!

It seems like there is something very different going on in your public
and private work. Just look at the pictures…
I have this discourse about private retreat and public engagement. My
public work dissolves barriers, it tries to encourage permeability. The
house is a kind of retreat from the urbanity of the city. They are more
tranquil spaces.

Isn’t it strange for you to go between these public buildings and then
work for rich clients on their private houses?
That is just normal life, isn’t it? My job is not to judge. If somebody
wants to spend a billion pounds on their bathroom, that is their own
morality, their own conscience. They have to deal with it.

The other way is maybe the sixties view of architecture.
Which really has problems. Architects are good at building. They are not
good at politics.