The seventies makes a comeback
Houses from the decade of Terry and June have a new fan base

DOES any decade get a worse press than the 1970s? These were the years
that spawned the Bay City Rollers, Terry and June and truly horrible
fashion mistakes. Footballers had perms, girls wore hot pants, and
platform-soled shoes cracked many an ankle.

As for homes – think Abigail’s Party and Dralon. There were patterns
everywhere, sofas were huge and if you were just that little bit arty
you’d have stools and pillows scattered around a low wicker table. That,
at any rate, is the way that we like to remember homes in the Seventies.
What was the reality?

“If you examine the period carefully you will find that the 1970s was,
in fact, a very exciting decade in architecture,” says Jack Pringle, the
president of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).