A lot of hot debates about this, so I am putting this on the publically
available record.

AZ-IN is almost ready to sign on the expertise locater project with
UNESCO and some other intergovernmental organizations.

This is, of course, given Architexturez editors have no objection in
working with UNESCO.

I have been evaluating the data about UNESCO, which seems to have very
little credibility in India, given its association with
humane-sustainable types and planners (and I am going by McKinsey and
ORG/Marg here, besides Architexturez Editors' observations and AZ-IN
internal data).

But then, UNESCO still seems to be clean for now, and doesn't seem to
have given up ike CoA and IIA and others in the field; and the
organisation seems to employ professionals (not planners and
humane-sustainable types), barring one trainee who will also work with
an NGO.

So the organisation seems safe enough for now, notwithstanding its
history in India and elsewhere (which is a longer term perspective,
UNESCO's past in India does not concern me).

Objections, anyone, please put on this mailing list.

Suggestions, please send to me privately.

- anand (fingers crossed, and hoping to continue with some non-plannerly
or humane-sustainable institutions -- however discredited -- who have a
status in International Law should Architexturez editors see no