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Monday, March 19, 2007
   Ministry of Tourism and Culture


   14:1 IST

         The Tourism and Culture Minister Smt. Ambika Soni has suggested
that Members of Parliament can earmark some money of their Local Area
Development Fund for conservation and preservation of monuments of their
choice in the country.  Launching the National Mission on Monuments and
Antiquities here today, she said tourism is incomplete without
strengthening the cultural heritage of the country and efforts should be
made for a proper survey and documentation of archaeological resources.
  She said with the launching of the mission the Government has taken a
firm step in that direction.

             The Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Dr. Montek
Singh Ahluwalia welcoming the launching of the mission said not only MPs
but members of the State Legislatures can also contribute in
conservation and preservation of heritage sites and monuments through
their Local Area Development Fund.  He said Planning Commission supports
fully the ideas about preservation of monuments as it will help future
generations to understand the past of the country.  Dr. Ahluwalia
suggested that any policy conceived by the Archaeological Survey of
India  should be put on its website for public debate.

             Secretary, Ministry of Culture Sh. Badal K. Das, Director
General Archaeological Survey of India Sh. C. Babu Rajiv and experts Ms.
Narayani Gupta of INTACH and Sh. Ranesh Roy also spoke on the occasion.
  The National Mission on Monument and Antiquities has the following

Mission Mandate
Prepare national Register of Built Heritage, Sites and Antiquities.
Set up State Level data base on built heritage, sites and antiquarian
wealth for information and dissemination to planner, researchers etc.,
and for better management of such cultural resources.  It attempts to
create a systematic, accessible and retrievable inventory of the built
heritage, sites and antiquarian heritage of the country.
Promote awareness programme concerning the benefits of preserving the
historical and cultural aspects of built heritage, sites and antiquities.
Extend training facility and capacity building to the concerned state
departments, local bodies, NGOs, universities, museums, communities etc.
in the field of conservation of built heritage, and preservation and
management of antiquarian remains.
Help in developing synergy between institutions like ASI, State
Departments, concerned institutions and NGO’s to generate close

1.                   Preparation of National Register of Antiquities by
documenting antiquities from primary and secondary sources.

2.                   Preparation of National Register of Built Heritage
and sites by compiling the existing records both published and unpublished.

3.                   Prepare a National Thematic Atlas of Built
Heritage, Sites and Antiquities.

4.                   Promote awareness programme about archaeological
heritage and sensitizing people about its preservation and management
through various out reach programmes such as exhibitions, popular
lectures, advertisements through print an electronic media etc.

5.                   Sensitive people about documentation, preservation
and preventive conservation of various types of antiquarian remains.

6.                   Encourage owners/ institutions using built heritage
to develop conservation management plans to preserve the integrity of
the heritage building.

7.                   Capacity building to the concerned State
Departments, Local bodies, NGO’s, Universities, museums, communities
etc. in respect of heritage protection and preservation through training
programmes, seminars and workshops.

8.                   Publication of popular literature in various local
languages for the people and educational institutions in respect of
preservation and management of built heritage, sites and antiquities.

9.                   Check illicit trafficking of antiquities through
public awareness and data base on antiquities.

10.               Conservation of selected unprotected monuments.

11.               Help in formulating cultural policy of state and local

Time Frame and Scope
             The National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities proposes
to launch its activities through out the country with independent
functional strategy in each state and union territory.  It is envisaged
that mandate of the Mission should be achieved within a stipulated time
frame of five years i.e. 2007-2012.  The budget of the Mission is Rs. 90
crore for five years.