By ALISA TANG – 11 hours ago

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Last year the streets in parts of the old city
dropped by nine feet.

The reason? A massive garbage haul. Just about every unemployed man in
Murad Khane was recruited to clean up years of litter and mud piled on
top of the streets. By the time they were done, the streets and alleys
were lower.

The garbage project is part of an effort to clean up and restore old
Kabul, after six years of relative peace and with millions of dollars
from foreign donors.


The lower street level at first left Abdul Salaam's door looking oddly
out of place, perched three feet higher than the square in front of it.
So Turquoise Mountain had to fix his door, too, with fresh mud scars
showing where it used to be. The frayed edges of plastic bags still
stick out of the wall.

"It looks much nicer," Salaam said about the cleaned-up neighborhood.
"And it doesn't smell bad anymore."