PATRICK GEDDES IN INDIA: Jaqueline Tyrwhitt — Editor; Select Books, 71,
Brigade Road Cross, Bangalore-560001.

His contemporaries may have celebrated him as a Scottish Darwin, but
Patrick Geddes was not bound by any particular discipline. He traversed
the boundaries of natural science, economics and culture with ease. His
ideas as a biologist, town planner and sociologist converged in his city
design reports. Modern town planning owes the concept of regional survey
that locates city within a region, the conservative surgery that
demonstrates how one can accommodate changes without bulldozing the
large sections of an old city for the purpose of development, and the
concept of conurbation to Geddes. After his successful Cities and Town
Planning exhibition in London in 1910, Geddes was invited to Madras by
Lord Pentland to share the exhibit and study various Indian towns. This
book is a collection of excerpts from Geddes’ plans for India published
between 1914 and 1922. This book was first published in 1947.