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| he admits... then...

Thom Mayne, once considered the "bad boy" of contemporary architecture,
is now 61 years old and, by his own estimation, finally calming down. "I
remember when I was 45, I was just a raving maniac," Mayne said in
lecture at Columbia University November 30. "I was so angry I just
couldn't contain myself."

|  and now, what does all this mean in plain English?

(!) I'm somewhat schizophrenic towards the formal and towards the idea
of the aesthetic experience through more intuitive means.

(!) One is that I wanted to control the output of my own creative
capacity--meaning I wanted to be responsible for it, meaning I would
take responsibility for making, constructing. [I was also] very unclear
about the role of architecture and its relationship to broader
conceptual and intellectual concerns.

(!) [as architects] we're constructing reality. How do you locate the
value of that, of the nature of our work? History was about identifying
the source of value in objects, and the assumption was that things had
intrinsic values and intrinsic resonance and meaning. And of course,
paraphrasing somebody like Susan Sontag, it's not that way at all.

| and much much more (actually, it is all like that)