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Why should Chanakya be saved?

The design of Chanakya cinema was selected after a national competition
and was built by a team of architect headed by eminent architect P.N.
Mathur who passed away recently. Constructed purely in RCC the theater
has a fine structural form and is an architectural example of the post
Corbusier Modernist period. With its longest spanning RCC roof, it was
one of its kinds in Asia. The structural design has been a monument in
itself for students of architecture.

It was picked up along with other significant architectural buildings of
contemporary India as a part of exhibition in 'festival of India France-
held on 27th November 1985. It is truly a part of architechtural history
of modern India.

It was a part of Delhiite's life and growing up till the advent of
modern multiplexes and shopping malls. There are many other ways for the
NDMC to make revenue without demolishing the structure.