SAARCH- South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation of Architects
12-14 March 2008, New Delhi

SAARCH was founded in the year 1991 in Colombo with the objective
of assisting the development of national architectural institute
bodies within the South Asian Region so that it would provide
opportunities for consultation on holding of conferences of
architects to discuss professional matters and interchange ideas.
SAARCH was granted "SAARC recognised body status" in May 1997. It has
held several conferences in the region which includes the recent ones
like SAARCH 2002, SAARCH 2004 and SAARCH 2006 held at Kathmandu,
Karachi and Dhaka respectively. SAARCH 2008 is being organized at New Delhi.


Safe Built Environment

SAARC Region

With the growing incidences of natural disasters in the region
causing losses to human lives and scarce Housing stock, it is time
that the Architectural Profession in the Region does an introspection
within itself and prepares to take on the challenging task of
innovating design solutions to support the Governments and the
Society at large in preparing themselves to brace against these
growing disasters.

The seminar is proposed to have a very detailed introspection in the
related issues to help the delegates to start working in the
direction of preparing the fellow Architects for their role in
Designing of Safe Built Environment in the Region that shall be able
to withstand the natural disasters better, thus, protecting the human
lives and minimizing damages to the built environment.

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