HONG KONG, March 11 (Reuters) - In a sizzling property market, architect
Manit Rastogi at MD Morphogenesis has created some of India's coolest
buildings, using recycled water, wells, wind tunnels and sun screens to
chill work places and slash energy costs.

Thanks to his designs, students in a Jaipur fashion school mill around
classrooms cooled to around 25 degrees Celsius (77 F) without air
conditioners, while the desert bakes at nearly double that temperature

And guests at the Swabhumi Hotel in Kolkata feel a breeze as they step
out of a building resembling sliced mushrooms fused together, and
inspired by the way trees trap wind.

But although developers and investors are coming under the environmental
spotlight because buildings account for half the world's carbon dioxide
emissions, Rastogi says few in India are going green.

"In India's booming real estate market, there are not enough
professionals. And because mediocrity sells, it's easier to do that,"
Rastogi said in an interview in Hong Kong.