> VSMM 2008 - Call for Papers
 > Digital Heritage: Our Hi-tech-STORY for the Future
 > Technologies to Document, Preserve, Communicate,
 > and Prevent the Destruction of our Fragile Cultural Heritage
 > October 20. - 26th, 2008
 > Limassol, Cyprus
 > http://www.vsmm2008.org
 > Invitation:
 > You are kindly invited to participate to the VSMM 2008 joint
 > conference which will provide an opportunity to exchange research
 > results, opinions, experiences and proposals on the best practice and
 > hi-tech tools from Information and Communications Technology to
 > document, preserve, manage and communicate Cultural Heritage (CH). The
 > main goal of the event is not only to illustrate the programs underway
 > but also excellent work wherever it is located and however it is
 > supported, in order to promote a common approach to the tasks of e-
 > documentation of World Cultural Heritage. Furthermore, regional
 > capacities in the area of Cultural Heritage and IT will be facilitated
 > in advancing their know-how through the exchange of information and
 > generation of new ideas and cooperation's, where the world meets the
 > finger prints of several ancient civilizations on earth.
 > To reach this ambitious goal the topics covered will include
 > experiences in the use of innovative recording technologies & methods
 > and how to take best advantage to integrate the results obtained to
 > build up new tools and/or experiences as well as improved
 > methodologies for documenting, managing and communicating CH.
 > The VSMM 2008 joint event will focus on interdisciplinary and multi-
 > disciplinary research concerning both cutting edge Cultural Heritage
 > Informatics and use of technology for the representation,
 > documentation, preservation, archiving and communication of CH
 > knowledge. The scope includes every phase of CH information
 > technology: initial data capture/digitization, information/data
 > processing, reconstruction, visualization and documentation as well as
 > dissemination of results to the scientific and cultural heritage
 > communities and to the general public (Multilingua, Multimedia Digital
 > Library). We are also interested in aspects of the wider legal and
 > ethical responsibilities of Cultural Heritage Informatics. Research
 > subjects parallel the interests of VSMM, CIPA, ISPRS and EuroMed
 > including culturally significant monuments, artefacts and sites as
 > well as the activities of museums, libraries, archives, and
 > organizations involved with their care.
 > Topics:
 > Those researchers who wish to participate in this event are invited to
 > submit papers on original and unpublished work addressing the
 > following subjects:
 > . Data Acquisition Technologies focusing on Photogrammetry and Laser
 > scanning,
 > . 3D Data Capture and Processing in CH
 > . On-site and remotely sensed data collection
 > . 2D and 3D GIS in Cultural Heritage
 > . CAD and FEM based Digital Reconstructions and 3D Modelling
 > . Reproduction Techniques and Rapid Prototyping in CH
 > . Visualisation Techniques (desktop, Virtual and Augmented Reality)
 > . Virtual Reality in Archaeology and Historical Research
 > . Multimedia, Multilingua, Data Management and Archiving
 > . Construction and indexing of large scale Multimedia/Multilingua
 > Encyclopaedias in Cultural Heritage
 > . Computer Animation for CH Applications and Virtual Heritage
 > . Game Technologies in Cultural Heritage
 > . Non-Photorealistic Rendering of CH Data
 > . Virtual Museum Applications (e-Museums and e-Exhibitions)
 > . Digital/Virtual Documentation of Archaeological Excavations
 > . Novel Internet-based Cultural Heritage Applications
 > . Portals of Culture
 > . Usability, Effectiveness and Interface Design for CH Applications
 > . Innovative Graphics Applications and Techniques
 > . Interactive Environments and Applications
 > . e-Libraries and e-Archives in Cultural Heritage
 > . National Digital Libraries as cross-domain systems
 > . Long term availability of content and its long term accessibility
 > . Effective IC-Technologies for the creation, management and reuse of
 > content and knowledge
 > . Storytelling and authoring tools
 > . e-Learning in Cultural Heritage
 > . Tools for Education, Documentation and Training in CH
 > . Archaeological Analysis and Interpretive Design
 > . Standards, Metadata, Ontologies and Semantic Processing in Cultural
 > Heritage
 > . Authentication, Accreditation and Digital Rights Management
 > . Legal issues: Water-Marking, Orphan Works, Copyrights and IPR
 > . Professional and Ethical Guidelines
 > . The Economics of Cultural Informatics and Tourism
 > . Natural and Man initiated deconstruction of Cultural Heritage and
 > prevention techniques.
 > . ICT assistance in monitoring and restoration.
 > Submission of Papers:
 > Submissions for the joint event are completely electronic, and both
 > the paper and all supplementary material must be submitted through the
 > on-line submission website. The conference accepts only original,
 > unpublished work written in English. We are soliciting three types of
 > contributions:
 > . Full research papers presenting new innovative results. These papers
 > will have a full-length oral presentation and will be published in a
 > high-quality proceedings volume. Each submitted paper must not exceed
 > 8 pages in total.
 > . Project papers focusing on the description of project organization,
 > use of technology, and lesson learned. These papers will have a short
 > oral presentation and will be included in a "Projects & Short Papers"
 > proceedings volume. Each submitted paper must not exceed 8 pages in
 > total.
 > . Short papers presenting preliminary ideas and works-in-progress.
 > These papers will have a short oral presentation and will be available
 > as posters in conference breaks. They will be published in the
 > "Projects & Short Papers" proceedings volume. Each submitted paper
 > must not exceed 6 pages in total.
 > For information concerning style and format of all submissions, please
 > refer to:
 > http://www.vsmm2008.org and then choose Paper Submissions.
 > Important Dates:
 > . Abstract (full-/project-/short papers): June 2nd, 2008
 > . Paper submission full papers June 16th, 2008
 > . Paper submission project/short papers June 30th, 2008
 > . Notification of Refereeing results   July 31st, 2008
 > . Camera ready FULL papers to printer August 24th, 2008
 > . Camera ready PROJECT/SHORT papers to printer August 29th, 2008
 > Proposals for showcases/ demo's  June 30th, 2008
 > For more information about the joint conference please visit the
 > webpage:
 > http://www.vsmm2008.org
 > or directly contact the chair of the event at:
 > [email protected]
 > The event is in cooperation with the European Commission Projects:
 > . MINERVA+ (http://www.minervaeurope.org/whatis/minervaplus.htm)
 > . MICHAEL+  (http://www.michael-culture.org/en/hom)
 > . The Member States' Expert Group on Digitisation and Digital
 > Preservation.
 > . The European Commission Marie-Curie Project: Chiron -
 > http://www.chiron-training.org/index.html
 > Marinos Ioannides
 > www.vsmm2008.org
 > Email: [email protected]