High tech / High touch: digital and analog design tools

Important Dates

May 12, 2008

Submissions due

May 26, 2008

Notification of acceptance

June 9, 2008

Revised submissions due

Sat June 22 **Time tba


Workshop aim: The workshop will address the following questions:

-          Where in the design process can we best use tactile
manipulation and where is it essential to involve digital
development tools?

-          How can we maximize design perceptions and insights
through media?

-          What are the most promising physical/digital hybrids?

We need to explore what happens in specific combinations of design
tools, approaches, and intentions to find where ideas flow
effectively and why.  Examining physical / digital hybrids can
stimulate discussion on the following issues:

Our bodies & our designs:

If we know sketching right-handed or left-handed makes it easier to
draw strokes of specific orientation, then how do other
physiological aspects shape what designers create?  What interfaces
for designing can help us engage our bodies' capabilities more fully
without causing repetitive stress injuries?

Material resistance:

While virtually testing material options can give immediate visual
information, characteristics of grain, workability and forming
techniques radically affect viability in ways that are timely to
consider in the computer.

Past and future:

As we move to new media, we carry mental constructs from our
previous education.  We need to understand where studying the
cognitive processes of "traditional" tools can be useful and where
we need to reconsider old paradigms.  Re-envisioning the act of
designing can help us break through the typical limitations of
computer interfaces.  The result of the workshop should not only be
analytical concepts about existing tools but also postulations for
ideal interfaces and interactions during the different phases of the
design process.

Workshop Chairs

Nancy Yen-wen Cheng, University of Oregon (email
<mailto:[email protected]> )

Ellen Yi-Luen Do, Georgia Institute of Technology (email
<mailto:[email protected]> )

Joachim Kieferle, University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden (email
<mailto:[email protected]> )

Program Committee


Workshop Notes

Download Notes


Workshop format: The organizers will introduce the major ideas for
the workshop, then each of the participants will give a short
presentation, with the remainder of the time used for discussion.

Submission information: Contributions may be submitted in the form
of brief position papers or extended abstracts ~1000 words long,
images and references should be included.  These papers will be
assessed by the program committee for inclusion in the workshop.
Submissions that include relevant research, design work or teaching
from direct experience will be favored over reviews of others' work.

Please submit the position paper or extended abstract to the
workshop chairs ( <mailto:[email protected]> [email protected],
<mailto:[email protected]> [email protected],
<mailto:[email protected]> [email protected])
as a PDF file.  The conference paper abstract format is available as
.pdf> PDF and
.rtf> RTF files.