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Flight 93 memorial design spat continues

By Jennifer Reeger
Thursday, July 20, 2006


Alec Rawls, 50, an Internet blogger and aspiring author from Palo Alto,
Calif., said he will attend the open house to provide his opinion on the


“It’s really revolting to me, this whole thing,” said Mr. Burnett, a
retired high school English teacher from Northfield, Minn. “It’s an
insult to my son and all the others.”

On Saturday, five people told members of the Flight 93 Memorial Task
Force and the Flight 93 Advisory Committee that the design should be
scrapped because of what they saw as Islamic symbolism. One of those
speakers, Harry Beam, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, presented
petitions with 5,300 signatures opposing the design to members of the
Flight 93 boards, who were holding a quarterly meeting.

Mr. Beam, from Johnstown, Pa., had helped Mr. Burnett and others collect
the signatures. The opponents are hoping to persuade members of Congress
to investigate or to try to generate enough public support to stall or
stop the project.

Mr. Beam, who has no direct connection to Flight 93, told the boards
that his father died earlier in the day but that he attended the meeting
anyway to demonstrate how strongly he, and others, feel about the issue.