CAADRIA 2009: The 14th Annual Conference of the Association of  
Computer Aided Architectural Design in Asia


Dates: 22-25 April 2009

Host:   College of Design, National Yunlin University of Science and  
Technology, Douliou Yunlin, Taiwan

Digital designing takes place through processes of interaction between  
human designers and computers. As such, its location is the in-
between, a shared realm of conversation where capabilities of both man  
and machine are amplified.

CAADRIA 2009 addresses this conversation in terms of three  
perspectives that drive both research and practice in the computer-
aided architectural design field: Digital design as integrating,  
intuitive and intelligent. CAADRIA 2009 aims to provide a forum in  
which ideas pertaining to these notions can be explored, discussed and  

1.   Integrative digital design: With the diverse and fast speed of  
the global economy in the 21st century, the barrier between different  
disciplines is being overcome digitally. The integration of multiple  
disciplines is crucial for facing the next wave of global challenges.
2.   Intuitive digital design: With advanced computational technology,  
how humans will cooperate with machines after the computing era will  
surely become the next challenge for all computational design-related  
researchers. Intuitive interaction or computing design is the second  
theme addressed in CAADRIA 2009.
3.   Intelligent digital design: With artificial intelligence, design  
intelligence is the third theme we would like to address this year. We  
wish to challenge global researchers to provide a smart and responsive  
environment for improving our lives and stimulating our economy in  
innovative ways.

CAADRIA 2009 provides a forum for current research on the present and  
future of computer-aided design. Research papers on all topics related  
to computer-aided design are invited for submission, including (but  
not limited to):

1.   Integration
Digital Culture and Heritage
Digital Methods of Construction
City Modeling
Virtual Reality and Simulation
Design Education
2.   Intuition
Human Computer Interaction
Computer Graphics and Visualization
Interface Design
Interactive Design Systems
Design Communication
3.   Intelligence
Design Theory
Expert Systems
Generative Design System
Design Knowledge-Based System
Ubiquitous Computing and Architecture
Important dates
1 Papers (fully refereed)
Abstract submission deadline 25/09/2008
Notification of abstract acceptance 12/10/2008
Paper submission deadline 12/12/2008
Notification of paper acceptance 12/02/2009
Final (revised) paper submission 28/02/2009
2 Young CAADRIA Awards
Application deadline 20/02/2009
Notification of acceptance 28/02/2009
3 Roundtable Proposals
Proposal deadline 23/01/2009
Notification of acceptance 30/01/2009
4 Postgraduate Student Consortium
Proposal submission deadline: 20/02/2009
Notification of acceptance: 28/02/2009
Finalized manuscript submission deadline: 07/03/2009
5 Tee Sasada Award
Submission deadline 30/11/2008
Notification of acceptance 28/02/2009

Submission guidelines and deadlines are available online at

Email any inquiries to [email protected]

Teng-Wen CHANG (NYUST, Taiwan)
Erik CHAMPION (MASSEY, New Zealand)
Nik Sheng-Fen CHIEN (NCKU, Taiwan)
Shang-Chia CHIOU (NYUST, Taiwan)
Prof. Shang-Chia Chiou (NYUST)
Prof. Sing-Sheng Guan (NYUST)
Prof. Lee, Chang-Franw (NYUST)
Yi-Ren  Chiou (NYUST)
Teng-Wen Chang (NYUST)