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The PWD has rejected this proposal. Interestingly, one of the grounds on
which the PWD has rejected this alternate route proposal of the
Commission is that this route would be less than the stipulated distance
of 300 metres from the Humayun's Tomb and Neela Gumbad and that emission
from vehicles will damage the Tomb. This was one of the reasons why the
PWD's tunnel road through Sundar Nursery was rejected by the Commission.

With less than 1,000 days to go for the 2010 mega-event, officials are
worried about the city missing deadlines for several projects. The
disquiet has only deepened after PM Manmohan Singh's return from Beijing
where the Indian delegation saw the impressive infrastructure raised for
the Olympics.

Just around 900 days are left for the mega event, but work on only 20 of
the 64 projects on the drawing board has begun so far.


The maximum number of projects, 26, are with the Public Works Department
— some of them most crucial for a successful Commonwealth Games. Nine
PWD projects have not taken off simply due to administrative red tape,
awaiting approval from agencies such as the DDA Technical Committee and
the Delhi Urban Arts Commission.

So frustrated is the state government that for the Rs 46.57-crore Neela
Hauz project, which involves construction of a bridge at the Nuclear
Science Centre, the Delhi Chief Secretary has directed the PWD to “start
work without waiting for formal clearance”. Some work, such as
construction of a grade separator on the GT Road (No. 56) near Apsara
Bridge, cannot be started as the agency is still awaiting transfer of
land from the Uttar Pradesh government.