New Delhi, February 20 Delhi Urban Arts Commission (DUAC) chairperson
Charles Correa and all three members of the panel resigned on Wednesday
— more than a month before their term was to terminate, on March 30.
Correa and DUAC members Dr Narayani Gupta, Jasbir Sawhney, and Mohammad
Shaheer sent their resignation to the Ministry of Urban Development.

"Quitting posts when your tenure is about to be over is akin to making a
virtue of what is inevitable," smirked a source while reacting to the en
masse resignations. He also said that the tussle between DUAC and the
Delhi government did not start yesterday, implying that the members
thought of qutting only after having enjoyed their entire tenure.

Speaking to Timescity, Charles Correa defended the timing: "I know that
just a month was left but I thought it fit to resign now to make a
point. Now when the government appoints the next DUAC, I hope it will
sit up and think whether it wants a rubber-stamp DUAC or one which
thinks independently."



“The only Commonwealth Games related project that came to us was the
tunnel road project. As per our role, we advised the Prime Minister’s
Office against it. It was for them to adhere to it or ignore it, but
they found merit in it.”

Mr. Correa clarified that there was no other Commonwealth Games related
project pending with DUAC. The letter nevertheless mentions that the
members had also been wrongly accused of coming in the way of the
East-West corridor project and two others. As for the East-West
corridor, the Chairperson said while one part of it had been approved by
DUAC, it had reservations on a section where the elevated road would
have been five-storey high. And this did not go down well with the

Reminding how DUAC had stooped to a level where it had even approved the
police memorial project, that had to be later scrapped, Mr. Correa said
a professional and holistic approach was needed to development in Delhi.
“We had constituted a task force and organised an exhibition on
“Imagining Delhi” for coming out with new ideas. Also, DUAC had set up a
model urban village at Kirki and had drawn up plans for all-round
development of the heritage Shahjahanabad area.”