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Once a route has been established the process of getting through the
Indian bureaucracy will begin.

But after the celebrations are over, IOA will be left with a mammoth
task, and a need for finances up to Rs 500-600 crore. As German
architect Herman Tilke, who was in the city recently to study Rajpath
for laying down street racing infrastructure , says, "When I came and
studied the track in Delhi, I was confident that street racing can be
held on it. But, as far as laying down a track and making a proper
stadium for Formula One is concerned, it takes serious commitment. The
track in Bahrain took two years and Rs 600 crore, so one needs time and
finances both."

Suhel Seth, who was a part of the street racing initiative, isn't too
impressed with the recent developments. "I really don't know what has
triggered the IOA's move. I think the organisation should focus on the
Commonwealth Games rather than taking up this daunting task."