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Once a route has been established the process of getting through the
Indian bureaucracy will begin.

But after the celebrations are over, IOA will be left with a mammoth
task, and a need for finances up to Rs 500-600 crore.


| CPWD wants to padestrianise the area, ....

The CPWD is working in association with the Forest Research Institute
for maintain green cover of the Central Vista and the lawns. “There are
many trees in the original Lutyen’s plans which have disappeared. The
NDMC has planted trees which did not exist here. We will implement the
FRI’s recommendations on what to plant here and remove other plants,” an
official said.

The entire Rajpath area is also to be pedestrianised and made a strictly
no parking zone, according to the CPWD plans. The CPWD will create two
linear parking lots at Nirman Bhavan and Udyog Bhavan adjoining the
Central Vista. “The parking lots will be two feet lower than surface
level, while the edge of the lawns will be raised by two feet,” said

The CPWD has also engaged the National Institute of Design to design the
street furniture and signages in the area so it is in keeping with its
heritage nature.