From: "ASCAAD Conference 2009" <[email protected]>

This is a reminder of Call for Papers of ASCAAD 2009. The conference  
will be held in Manama, Bahrain, 11-12 May 2009, and organized by  
Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, College of  
Engineering, University of Bahrain.


Digitizing Architecture: formalization & content.


CAAD is constantly provoking and raising many potentials, challenges  
and arguments in academia, practice, and even in the theory of  
architecture itself. This process starts with the pedagogy of  
designing and the ongoing questions such as how much of CAAD should  
be incorporated in teaching, and ends with digital design  
technologies and the new emerging questions such as how biologically  
inspired computational processes alter the form of our architecture  
and the typical design process.

Architecture originates from peoples' needs and beliefs. The new  
forms of digital architecture generate debates in terms of various  
important issues, ranging from emotional and social factors to  
sustainability and global warming.
The focus area of the conference can be shaped, as follows:  
considering all these potentials, challenges, and arguments, which  
we have to benefit from and cope with, are there truly legitimate  
concerns about the future ofour architecture and its content in  
particular from human and environmental dimensions? Can we develop  
our own ways of benefiting from the new technology that cater for  
our environment and culture?  Can we still see the form of  
architecture in the traditional way or should we change our  
perspectives? In other words the conference concentrates on bridging  
between the new digital forms and the traditional human content.

The important dates
Deadline for abstracts submission      Thursday  20 November  2008
Notification of abstract acceptance     Monday    15 December 2008
Full paper submission                       Friday       30  
January     2009
Notification of full paper acceptance   Sunday      15 March        
Dates of the Conference                    Monday-Tuesday11-12 May  

Keynote speakers

- ProfessorAndré Brown School of Architecture, University of  
Liverpool, UK.
- Professor Richard Coyne Chair of Architectural Computing, the  
University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
- Professor Branko Kolarevic Haworth Chair of Integrated Design, the  
University of Calgary, Canada.

For more information please visit the conference website:

On behalf of the Scientific Committee

Wael Abdelhameed, PhD.
University of Bahrain, Bahrian.

Scientific Committee Co-Chairs:

Dr Wael Abdelhameed
Assistant Professor
College of Engineering
University of Bahrain, Bahrain
[email protected]

Dr Neveen Hamza
School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape
Newcastle University, UK
[email protected]

Dr Amar Bennadji
School of Architecture and Built Environment,
The Robert Gordon University, UK
[email protected]