We invite proposal submissions for the


   The Consortium provides postgraduate students with an opportunity to
   their study with other students and researchers. The CAADRIA Postgraduate
   Student Consortium continues CAADRIA's commitment to support young
   The Consortium will be held within special time slots during the
   Students will give a presentation providing an overview of their work and
   results to date. Student participants will have the chance to discuss
   research in an informal session with peers and experienced academics in a
   friendly and supportive environment. Presenting at the Consortium holds
   benefits for students both at the beginning of their work, who are
   feedback on their work so far, as well as those concluding their work
who may
   think of their presentation as a rehearsal for later examinations.

   Aims and Benefits

   1.      Provide a supportive setting for feedback on students'
current research and
   guidance on future research directions.
   2.      Offer each student comments and fresh perspectives on their
work from
   faculty and students outside their own institution.
   3.      Promote the development of a supportive community of scholars
and a spirit
   of collaborative research.
   4.      Contribute to the conference by fostering interaction with
other researchers
   and conference events.
   5.      To network with colleagues of similar background or interests.



   Submissions are invited from current postgraduate students who would
   from detailed workshop discussions of their research by a panel of
   researchers. Applications should be made online and should consist of:

   1.      an two-page extended abstract or full paper(see below)
   2.      a curriculum vitae (attached to the end of the paper)

   Extended Abstract OR FULL PAPER

   Submit a two-page extended abstract or a full paper of your thesis work,
   including: title, author information, abstract, keywords, thesis research
   summary, and references. Abstracts and full papers should follow the
   formatting guidelines. This extended abstract or full paper, if
accepted for
   the Consortium, will be the base of the discussion at the Consortium
and will
   be open for attendance to all conference delegates. The extended abstract
   should clearly specify:

   1.      problem(s) that the research is addressing
   2.      research question(s) you are trying to answer
   3.      proposed solution(s) and methodology
   4.      expected contribution(s)
   5.      current status, and of a tentative plan for future work.

   Review Criteria

   1.      Originality of the work with respect to current concepts and
   2.      Importance of the work with respect to fundamental issues and
   3.      Rigor and validity of claims, argumentation,methodology,
results, and
   4.      Clarity and persuasiveness of expression.

   Entries to the consortium will be selected by the CAADRIA 2009
   Student Consortium Chairs in conjunction with the CAADRIA 2009 Paper


   At the conference, participants will present their work in a short
but thorough
   presentation of no more than 10 minutes. This presentation, together
with the
   extended abstracts or full papers, will form the basis of further

   Submission Deadlines:

   20/02/2009 Extended abstract or full paper submission deadline

   28/02/2009 Notification of acceptance

   07/03/2009 Finalized manuscript submission deadline

   For further details as well as proposal submission guidelines please see:
   http://www.caadria2009.org and http://www.caadria-review.org/