From: Dominik Lengyel <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 13:40:56 +0100

hereby we would like to inform you about our Call for Papers for
Projecting Spaces,
a conference on architectural visualisation,
being the 9th conference of the eaea, the
European Architectural Endoscopy Association

The conference is being held at the
Brandenburg University of Technology
September 24 to 26, 2009

Dominik Lengyel
Call for Papers
Projecting Spaces
Conference on architectural visualization
9th eaea conference

Architectural visualisation explores and reflects on the visualisation  
of space expressed through internal, external architectures and built  
environments but emphasizes the invisible phenomena and qualities  
implied by its creation. There is no image without intention. Since  
architectural visualisation is primarily created in a professional  
environment, the multitude of possible intentions might be  
professional, too. Accordingly the receivers perceive the presentation  
of visualisation of architecture in numerous ways and with sometimes  
unforeseen results. The conference explores this concept. It focuses  
on the perception and judgement of representation of the built and  
virtual worlds. It will explore the techniques, geometries, intentions  
and reflections of representation in the physical and virtual worlds,  
exploring new verbal and visual definitions:
What implies the view on architecture? What are the key aspects? What  
is implied by techniques? What is implied by the architect? What is  
the reason of perspective? Who inspects what? Is projection equal  
interpretation? What is the relation between space and projection?  
What are their influences on each other? How do geometric and  
psychologic projection relate? What is architectonic in architectural  
illustrations? What is the relation between Illustration and Design?  
How do illustrations affect the mediation of architecture? Is there  
anything special in architectural illustration? How do illustration  
and design affect each other? Depiction or visualisation? How to teach  
architectural visualisation?

Topics of interest

- Education (in architecture, urbanism etc.)
- Data (information visualization)
- History (history of visualization)
- Reconstruction (historical or archaeological)
- Diffuse knowledge (archaeology etc.)
- Communication (political or social)
- Art (historically and contemporary)
- Photography (perceptive and meaning)
- Design (reciprocity of design and visual response)

European Architectural Endoscopy Association

The eaea reflects on the visualization of space in architecture and  
urban planning as tool for perception and planning. Endoscopy as  
technique had shifted the tradition of small scale architectural  
models towards perspective viewing and its immediate interpretation.  
Apart from the technical side the intention is to provide a suggestive  
view on an architectural vision that is a comprehensive visual  
explanation of architectural ideas. The purpose of simplifying  
abstraction and reinterpreting spatial perception is the relation  
between Space and Projection.
A conference takes place biannually in changing places.
Conferences by today: Tampere University of Technology, Vienna  
University of Technology, Delft University of Technology, Dresden  
University of Technology, Essen University of Technology, Slovak  
University of Technology Bratislava, University of Applied Sciences  
Dortmund, Moscow Institute of Architecture

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Peter Kardos - Slovak University of Technology Bratislava
Prof. Dominik Lengyel - Brandenburg University of Technology
Prof. Dr. Leandro Madrazo - Universitat Ramon Llull Barcelona
Prof. Dr. Bob Martens - Vienna University of Technology
Prof. Dr. Ryuzo Ohno - Tokyo Institute of Technology
Dr. ir. Martijn Stellingwerff - Delft University of Technology
Graham Stretton - De Montfort University Leicester
Dipl.-Ing. Catherine Toulouse - Brandenburg University of Technology
Prof. Dr. Ralf Weber - Dresden University of Technology


Submission of abstracts April 1st, 2009
File format: PDF
Abstract size: up to 2 pages DIN A4 (297x210mm)
Submission and registration via E-Mail

Notification of acceptance Mai 1st, 2009
Submission of full paper September 1st, 2009


EAEA Secretariat
Chair of Visualisation
Faculty of Architecture
Brandenburg University of Technology
Postfach 101344
03013 Cottbus
mailto:[email protected]

Conference fee: Euro 65,-
The conference fee includes
printed proceedings

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