International Ideas Competition for the Bering Strait Project

This project is a dream project attempting to connect two continents.
In a wide sense, it includes building a tunnel or a bridge at both
ends of the strait, extending an existing railways of the United
States and Russia, and laying a world highway around the coasts of
the world, which require a massive amount of construction.

Once the connection is made, the railway will go through both Uelen
of Russia and Cape Prince of Wales of the United States linking the
North American Rail System. A new highway will link the existing
coastal highway of Uelen - Dezhnev - Tunytlino at Russia and Wales -
Tin City - York at the United States.

The scope of the competition includes :

A design proposal of a peace park with a bridging structure using the
two islands, Big Diomede and Little Diomede at the Bering Strait to
symbolize the continuation of two continents.

The design proposal should stress out the fact that two continents
are to be connected. Force of Nature divided the continent into two
and the disjunction of people and nation due to this separation has
been maintained for a long time.

Now two continents will be connected once again. Therefore, an
entrant should express this meaning of connection in his/her work. In
other words, a work should show visually and physically the link of
these two Diomedes which represent the overcome of time gap and
nation's border set by human.

The Promoter also encourages two Diomede Islands (American one in the
front and Russian one in the back) various ideas for the connection
and its means and method. The Promoter does not anticipate a
technically and realistically perfect solution, however, certain
level of a technical clarification for building a tunnel or a bridge
in an extreme condition and harsh weather of the Bering Strait is
recommended to be included in the design proposal.

For the reference, the connection line indicated in this design
guideline can be adjusted or re-established because it is a virtual

The purpose of the competition is to provide comprehensive material
which can serve as a basis for the drafting of further detailed plans
and for decision-making rather than to produce complete or final
plans. That is why this is an ideas competition. On the basis of the
result of the competition, the jury and the Organizing Committee
could give a recommendation of further measures.