IASDR 2009 in Seoul, Korea is a large, international design research  
conference with an intensive and high quality program. This venue will  
bring together top design researchers and practitioners to build and  
advance knowledge in the field of Design.

Design / Rigor & Relevance

-Identifying the limits of user research
-Making collaborative decisions
-Managing information resources
-Evaluating innovation potential
-Exploring multimedia and multimodality

-Developing collaborative research strategies
-Exploring digital convergence
-Managing multiple problem/solution perspectives
-Translating research findings to design action
-Communicating research findings effectively
-Creating research community
-Developing new research methods
-Funding basic research in design
-Blending art and science
-Identifying fundamental knowledge for design
-Creating distance learning approaches for design
-Exploring industry-academia research partnerships
-Developing quality assurance for design education

Social issues
-Controlling privacy
-Controlling environmental degradation
-Supporting human equality
-Supporting development in undeveloped regions
-Changing human behavior

Official Language: English

Call for Papers