| ha haar! he dunnit again! Ga Ga khan refuses
| good shoes! now what's wrong with Bata! didn't
| Le Corbusier do some of their early work?
| they are good buildings - i think, so of
| course the con(s) will disagree!
| have a look:
| http://momoneco.kotka.fi/bat_nayttely_uk.html
| http://uqtr.ca/revue_travail/Articles/2003Vol1Num4pp125-137Gatti.pdf
| http://www.archinform.net/ort/1759.htm?ID=KS8fV7NMBwIq8c6G
| while at search, found a Le Corbusier slaughtherhouse:
| http://www.fondationlecorbusier.asso.fr/abattoir.htm
| talk Bataille anyone?

Spiritual centre moves step closer

Tuesday, September 20, 2005 Page A11

The Aga Khan Council for Canada was granted the opportunity to fill some
rather large shoes yesterday as the North York community council
unanimously voted against designating a former Bata headquarters
building as a heritage site.
Ms. Bata, who founded the Bata Shoe Museum, said she understands the
complexities of the situation.