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The issue number 06 of the V!RUS journal intends to discuss the processes of creation understood in a broad context of formulation, development, exploration and sharing of the creative experience. It aims also to address such processes as places of encounter and synergy able to shelter dialogue among different fields of knowledge.

The theme "creation in process+es" involves the notions of process and creation. On the one hand, we seek to emphasize the sense of processinstead of that of product, ie, an interest that lies more on the qualities of continuing or ongoing actions, ways of making, methods and procedures, and less on features or isolated properties of a result itself. On the other hand, it assumes the notion of creation from its semantic character, of action related to designing, inventing, generating, giving existence, producing, refining, elaborating. It is proposed, therefore, a theme that houses three readings: the creation in process, ie, in progress; the idea of creating examined through the study of different processes; and the added plural emphasizing the collective nature of the act of creating and its aftermath.

This issue does not aim at addressing solitary processes in which designated authorship has a central role. Thus, this sixth edition of the journal proposes to investigate the processes of creation woven together, which enable the involvement of several persons, focusing on creative processes whose results will only be fulfilled with the participation of different actors, with a plurality of inputs and consequently, of results. It is also our desire to address understandings of the notion of creation as a means for bringing out the new, the unprecedented, both in terms of products as of the process itself, allowing emergences, predicting the occurrence of the undetermined.

We are interested in contributions involving studies of creative processes arising from the natural sciences, earth sciences and of the universe, from social and biological sciences, from arts and crafts, music, theater and literature, from computer sciences and fashion design, from engineering, advertising, besides processes specifically related to architecture, urbanism and design. We welcome concerns related to social and environmental sustainability, to the planning and the construction of urban space, the formulation and implementation of public policies, the use of digital media for collective constructions of knowledge, including through social networks. We also encourage work on the preparation, analysis, description, review and revisitation of experiences about cultural expressions of communities and groups, or bringing to contemporaneity traditional knowledge, or even producing and stimulating connections among different cultures, developing and expanding the so-cal
led street art practices.

The focus of this edition are scientific, technological and artistic work engaged in the exploration and description of processes of creation, their languages, means, methods, tools and actors involved. Theoretical reflections on the theme are welcome, as well as text, images, pieces of music, videos and short films, slide shows, animations, interviews, projects of architecture, urbanism and design, testimonials in audio files, given the Nomads.usp interest in exploring the possibilities of using digital media for scientific communication. Reports of creation processes should be accompanied by critical reflection on their conceptions, since the specific character of this edition.

Contributions will be received through the journal's website until August 7th, 2011, according to the guidelines for authors, available in