The plan shows the then existing condition of the complex with an entrance hall, presumably at a higher level connected with the street on north. The steps leading(balanaka) into the temple compound through a torana which existed there. Refer the photograph of this in plates. The four Devakulikas in the compound are shown in dotted while the one attached with the entrance hall is shown in its original form adjoining the exit out of the complex to the east on side street. As can be observed from the sketch plan, the entrance to the temple complex was from the street on a higher level and through balanaka one stepped down to the inner areas from the street level. This form of temple plan is also seen in temples at Kumbharia near Ambaji in north Gujarat where similar typology is preferred for the temples. There are two older subshrines which are now integrated in the east and west bramantika. Perhaps these were added later along the periphery when the subshrines were included within the corridors. The temple complex also had a lower level forecourt between the torana and the trika of the entrance to the main temple. These areas are now remodelled and articulated into larger halls as perhaps the need for bigger enclosed space grew over passage of time with increasing number of pilgrim groups.

As per Shri M. A. Dhaky, the important phases of the development of the temple are 8th century, 10th century and 12th century when the complex was added upon in past. The present renovations are from early seventies. The subshrine near the earlier entrance on east was the oldest which was removed and refitted later when the complex was enlarged. The subshrine in pairs on east and west were added during 11th century. Though it would be important to establish the three stages of development, as emphasised by Shri Dhaky, it has been possible to delineate two stages from the available information of Bandarkar and Shri Sompura for the above two stages, namely early 2oth cent. and late 20th cent. ( I am extremely thankful to Shri Dhaky for his insights about the complex which were offered to me during my discussions with him on1st June,1997 in Ahmadabad).