"their level of technology is at least 10 leaps ahead of ours" said a MCG official.

GURUGRAM: MCG commissioner V Umashankar, on Thursday, met the team that created a three-dimensional copy of Singapore, called Virtual Singapore, to explore ideas which could be adopted to turn Gurugram into a truly 'smart' city. 

Virtual Singapore is a dynamic 3D model and collaborative data platform, including 3D maps of the city. Once completed, it will provide a 3D digital platform to be used by public, private and research sectors, and individuals. 

It will enable users from different sectors to develop sophisticated tools and applications for test-bedding concepts and services, planning and decision making, and research on technologies to solve emerging and complex challenges for Singapore. 

While Gurugram missed out on being included in the Union government's list of 100 'smart' cities, Delhi has agreed to provide all technical help to transform Gurgaon into a 'smart' city, though the cost will have to be borne by the Haryana government. MCG authorities hope the high-tech solution offered by this team will help plan Gurgaon's future development. 

At the meeting, officials of the French company Dassault Systemes, presented an overview of their proprietary solutions that create a 3D copy of the city to enable urban planners and administrators carry out a feasibility or impact analysis of various events that shape the city — whether it is urban planning, citizen services, disaster management or traffic monitoring. 

"It was an exploratory meeting, but their level of technology is at least 10 leaps ahead of ours. We told them we'll prepare our own presentation before we meet them again," said a MCG official. 


"MCG is working on gathering data from various systems, implemented over time. They are multiple, diverse and in some cases do not exchange insights. This is fine so long as we have accurate data and information in some format. The data can be migrated to any standard format for integration with such advanced systems as the one implemented in Singapore," he said. 

In the past, these experts have worked closely with the National Research Foundation and showcased transformational aspects of Smart-Nation Singapore.