Exhibit + Live Broadcast: ArchiLab 2013 symposiums

Created in 1999, the prerogative of this internationally renowned event is to be a true laboratory for architecture, presenting the most advanced research in terms of architectural creation on each occasion.

Cabinet of Post-digital Curiosities - Jorge Ayala, Cabinet of Post-digital Curiosities 9th Archilab, Naturaliser l’Architecture Exhibition FRAC Centre, Orléans France

Architecture and sciences: A new naturalness

24/10/2013 [9:30 am - 6:30 pm]

In partnership with the Réseau des maisons de l’architecture and the Maison de l’Architecture du Centre.

The problematics of ArchiLab 2013, involving digital architecture and the sciences, will be broached at an international symposium which will bring together ten exhibited architects. They will present their latest research, dealing with changes occurring in the very concept of nature and ecology.rléans

The nature(s) of the artefact

25/10/2013 [10:00 am - 5:00 pm]

Under the scientific supervision of Frédéric Migayrou.

This interdisciplinary conference will bring together historians of art and architecture and scientists (biologists, geneticists, specialists in simulation systems of the living world). They will question the sources of the Renaissance and Mannerism, linking them to the present-day arena of digital technologies.