resettlement areas are distressing. unsustainably high
density achieved through intolerably low housing
standards in unacceptably poor locations/sites, all
not only illegal in terms of DMP but also specifically
cautioned against in it. (same also make most in-situ
options non-viable). slums-n-sanitation discourse is
designed to divert attention from causes to symptoms,
risky with master plan and byelaw revisions underway
through very curious processes. ...btw, affidavit on
holambi for the pushta SLP that was not heard is quite
telling. and am posting this to lists, for equitable

--- [email protected] wrote:

Hi Gita,

I recently viisted the Bawana REsettlement COlony.
And what I saw
there was unbelievable. People are living in
pathetic conditions. All of
then are living in jhuggies made of mats and plastic
sheets. They are
not constructing proper houses as govt is supposed
to carry put a
survey. There is no ration supply and they have all
lost their
employment. Drinking water (borewell) is
contaminated and almost all
the children are falling ill. Every day 3-4 new
cases of diarrhoea come
up. Chlorea and jaundice is also spreading. People
blame it on the
poor water quality. Some of them now walk 2 kms to
get water from
bawana vilage after fighting with thakurs there..
public toilets have
been constructed.. they charge Rs 2 for bathing and
Re 1 for toilet
facility.. since most children have upset stomach,
parents cannot pay
everytime the child wants to use toilet.

the worst is the sanitation conditions there..
drains are an engineering
disaster.. they are higher than the ground level and
clogged with
waste.. mosquitoes are breeding in it and malaria is
spreading. in
monsoon all the sewage will flow into the colonies.
people there are
extremely angry.. shiela dikshit came and made lots
of promises but no
action has been taken.. ther are about 10,000
families in bawana.. they
are from yamuna pushta and rkpuram..

i am writing about this in dte,, just thought i will
keep u posted..


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