Khooni Bhandara is an underground water management system, developed during the Mughal era for water supply in Burhanpur district o MP

A unique underground water management structure of the Mughal era in Burhanpur district of Madhya Pradesh, known as the ‘Kundi Bhandara’ or ‘Khooni Bhandara,’ is eyeing the tag of UNESCO world heritage site as the state government makes a case for it with the Centre.

A proposal in this regard would be sent to the union government to forward the process, an official said in Bhopal.

“In a meeting on Wednesday, minister for Women and Child Development, Archna Chitnis said that a proposal is being sent to the Centre to get UNESCO heritage tag to the Mughal-era Kundi Bhandara or Khooni Bhandara in the historic town of Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh,” a Public Relations department officer said on Thursday.

Chitnis represents Burhanpur constituency in the state assembly.