Talking to  Ruchi Bhatia of ET Now,  Ravi Kanth, CMD,  Hudco, discusses the mega hit IPO by the government owned housing and urban infrastructure company.  


Hudco is a unique organisation with an unique blend of housing as well as urban infrastructure. Very few companies will have this kind of product mix of housing and urban development as well as consultancy, research and training.  

We have eight main objectives and 20 ancillary objectives covering so many activities and the visionaries of Hudco have given a huge responsibility and mandate, we have been fulfilling and then comparables I do not think that you have any other organisation which can be easily compared.  

Earlier, you did tell me that Hudco is in talks with lot of other state governments also. So where do you see the incremental demand and opportunities really coming from? 

All the state governments are very proactive and development oriented to provide the basic needs to their citizens and housing is their top priority. They have come out with urban housing, rural housing in various names. For example, in Andhra Pradesh NTR Rural Housing Scheme, Mukhyamantri Shari Awas Yojana they have, in addition to the Government of India Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, PMAY which has been launched on 25th June 2015. It has four verticals in it. It is a combination of two schemes.  

One is centre sector scheme that is CLSS, the other three verticals cover the centrally sponsored scheme which means that they will get implemented by the state governments involvement whereas for the credit linked subsidy scheme, Hudco has been chosen as central nodal agency for releasing the subsidy which is 2.3 lakh for a housing unit. It is the highest subsidy that Government of India is giving this time to encourage housing that will benefit Hudco to grow in this housing sector.  

How do you believe the product mix will change because the government is focussing on a lot of affordable housing, they are also focussing on a lot of smart cities. What is the kind of contribution can we see that HUDCO will have with respect to the government’s flagship programmes? 

When I mentioned a unique blend of housing and urban infrastructure, I would like to say that housing is a fruit of infrastructure. Infrastructure is root of housing. Both are interlinked. One will not be there without the other. So when there are flagship programmes contemplated by state governments and then Government of India for housing, at the same time it is implied that they need to provide infrastructure as well like water supply, sanitation, sewerage, roads, power, water supply. There is no area in which Hudco has no role. It can cover all areas of infrastructure as well as housing. As of now the product which mix you are talking is that we have 32-33% of housing and 65% to 67% of infrastructure because infrastructure projects are generally big.  

Housing projects especially for economically weaker sections and LIG now Government of India on 31st December honourable prime minister has extended the subsidy they are giving under PMAY to MIG-1 and MIG-2 categories also that will give a big boost to housing. So slowly the shift may be little more towards housing and it can roughly come around 40-60% to that extent.