The authorities are tearing down the laboratory building at Khamarbarhi in Farmgate of Dhaka where revolutionary researches for Bangladesh's agr

Many architects have expressed frustration over the move to demolish the red building, which had added to the beauty of the street with a park on the opposite side.

A heritage campaigner has demanded that the authorities preserve the building considering its historic significance.

On Wednesday, some parts of the two-storey building's roof were already torn down by a contractor who provided a single name, Shakil.

"We are pulling it down for four days. I secured the job through tender eight months ago," he told

When contacted for comments, the Department of Agricultural Expansion or DAE Director General Md Golam Maruf told that it was the government's decision to tear the building down.

He declined further comments, saying the building was not under his department anymore despite its significance in the history of agricultural research.

He advised Cotton Development Board or CDB, which owns the building now, be contacted. 

CDB Executive Director Md Farid Uddin told by telephone that he was in a meeting and asked to call him again after an hour. But he did not take calls anymore.