Such incorporation of technology and architecture is reflected in the works of architects Antonio Pio Saracino and Cosmas D. Gozali, who shared their vision on architecture during a recent seminar titled “Future Art-chictecture” at the Italian Cultural Institute Jakarta (IIC).

Cosmas, a leading and award-winning Indonesian architect whose works have been widely exhibited, said celebrated architect Le Corbusier’s design concept provided a huge inspiration for him to install his own artwork.

In one of his works, titled The Clouds, exhibited in Grand Kemang Hotel in 2016, the implementation of technology could be seen in the synthetic tarps and plastic materials that he used. The Clouds was arranged abstractly like a red sky, reflecting the anger of nature toward exploitation by humans and their greed.

Cosmas explained that he also analyzed the forms and structures through computer programs to know the modular system used for the design of The Clouds. The rest of the process was done manually.