With the first comprehensive European exhibition, the Aedes Architecture Forum presents the work of Kashef Chowdhury

Kashef Chowdhury's buildings – such as his storm-proof school or island-shaped village near the Bramaputra River – seem to have emerged directly from the local context of Bangladesh. His work has universal appeal, spanning space and time from east to west, from the past to the present. His implementation of light, space and materiality in his work is powerful.

URBANA's works are not only spatially and architecturally extraordinary in their immediacy, they also bear witness to the high social relevance. They thoughtfully address grave issues such as population density, climate change, migration etc.

Bangladesh's urban centres, such as Dhaka and Chattogram, are rapidly expanding under the pressures of rural exodus. Kashef Chowdhury wants to find new strategies that offer the rural population a sense of security and identity.