NEW DELHI: The government’s plan to construct new houses of Parliament by 2022 as part of an extensive redesign of the Central Vista area was questioned by several lawmakers at a meeting of the general purposes committee chaired by Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla on March 19. 

Some MPs said the design of the proposed structure looked like a seven-star hotel1

A veteran MP said that while there are valid concerns about the lack of space and expansion possibilities of the existing parliament building, the proposed design wasn’t inspiring enough. 

“The interiors are alright but the outer structure definitely does not have or evoke the sense of grandeur and iconic nature of the institution of Parliament. A lot of objections were raised by several MPs on the issue,” said the lawmaker on condition of anonymity. 

Some MPs wanted to know why the existing complex couldn’t be revamped instead.


  • 1. “It was strongly felt and conveyed by MPs that the new design with granite and glass appeared more of a hotel lobby than a Parliament as we know it,” said an opposition MP who attended. “Also, while the British may have constructed the existing Parliament building, it was done so using local Indian stones and material which makes it unique. There are also iconic statutes and sculptures in this complex. The MPs wanted to understand what happens to these.”  and did not reflect the gravitas associated with Parliament, people who were present told ET.